About Geek City Guides

Geeks – that’s us. Destined from birth to be geeks since we were born freaks of nature, identical twins. That is said without any negative connotations; it has been a defining part of who we are.

As little geeks, we devoured all cartoons, comics and toys dealing with the geekdom of the time. Superfriends, Kroft Saturday Morning, and The Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman were our fascination and fueled our imaginative playtime. If we had kept all of our action figures, Colorforms and Playdough playsets in mint-in-box condition, we could probably be living a Bruce Wayne lifestyle now.

Then on a rainy family vacation night long, long ago, in a theater far, far away we saw Star Wars on the big screen and everything changed. Every birthday and Christmas present became focused on collecting figures and playsets from Star Wars and the next two installments. Again, if only we had the forethought to leave them in the package, but alas……we played with them. We played with them…. hard. Indoor, outdoor, even in the bathtub, those figures had the crap played out of them.

Junior high and high school saw a reduction in geek time, though we did play our Atari and Nintendo steadily through the years. Then came college, careers, wives, and kids. We had a hard time keeping up with our geeking. Mostly we played City of Heroes online and saw the newest summer blockbusters. Since both of us are parents we had the chance to experience some new toys and tv shows vicariously through our children.

Then our incredible wives purchased VIP passes for Chicago’s C2E2 for our birthday and again….everything changed. We realized at this convention that these were our people…our peeps, our bros and broettes, our community. We had come home.

Since that time we have been looking for a way to become actively involved in that community. A family vacation to New York City was the catalyst for this website. We want to make it easier for Geeks to share our favorite places and experiences with each other.

So Seek your Geek and Geek your Seek……and then share it with us.