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Awesome Con Expands to the Midwest

Awesome con is bringing their own special kind of con experience to the Midwest by adding Indianapolis and Milwaukee to their convention calendar. Read More »

The Walker Stalker Con Outbreak

Walker Stalker Con continues to expand from its original location of Atlanta and is considering adding more locations to their convention offerings Read More »

Con*Quest Adventure Journals Exhibit in Philly!

Con*Quest Adventure Journal is a great tool to remember the highlights of all of your convention experiences. Read More »

Thank God for Reboots.... I think?

The idea of a reboot can be good and bad for comic lovers, but the success of Arrow proves that comic lovers can accept a reboot and it sometimes leads to great things. Read More »

Indianapolis Welcomes Indy PopCon

Indianapolis will host Indy PopCon a new pop culture convention held May 30 - June 1, 2014. Read More »