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Team Arrow is Growing on The CW! | Who Else from the DC Universe Could Make an Appearance?

With the addition of Roy Harper to Team Arrow on the hit series, the options for other appearances of characters from the DC Comics Universe has exploded. What other friends or foes might visit Starling City? Read More »

Wizard World Doubles Up

Wizard World conventions doubles their convention offerings in 2014. Read More »

A Convention Explosion

Comic and Pop-culture conventions are experiencing an increase in attendance across the United States. This entry considers some of the numbers and implications Read More »

Big and Small, Old and New - Upcoming Conventions

Upcoming comic cons for the beginning of 2014. Large entertainment cons and small regional cons are described. Read More »

Azathoth Wins - Eldritch Horror Adventures

Reflections after playing Fantasy Flight's board game Eldritch Horror. Includes reflections on Elder Signs, also from Fantasy Flight. Read More »