You can read our history here, but the evolution of Geek City Guides stretches out over several years.  After attending the initial C2E2 several years ago, we started actively exploring ways to become more involved with the con community and geeks in general. We kicked around a variety of brick and mortar type businesses; bookstore, bookstore/comic shop, bookstore/comic shop/cafe, bookstore/comic shop/cafe/bakery. Each idea was met with reservations, mainly due to time constraints and money constraints.

Then last year, my kids and I climbed in the car to a trip to the Big Apple. My wife was finishing up a conference in the city and we were planning on meeting her on the tail end and turning the trip into a family vacation. We had a day of overlap and the kids and I wanted to visit some comic shops or other geekery.  We googled. We found lots of hits, but sorting through which locations were closed and which locations were open was tiresome.  We finally headed to St. Mark's Comics and had a great time in the neighborhood.  We shopped and ate our way through the day.

After returning home, I searched for a comprehensive site of locations for people looking for geek and nerd activities.  I found a few sites that offered parts of what I was looking for, but nothing as all-encompassing as I wanted. I called my brother and he was immediately on board.  We're both fairly tech savvy, so we went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple of the Dummy series books on website design.  How hard could it be? Apparently, pretty difficult.  We quickly realized that the site would need to be much bigger than our limited skills could handle.  We gathered some bids and found the help we needed in LRS Web Solutions.

The rest is history... Now we spend our time looking for great spots to get our geek on and share it with the world.

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