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We have been actively adding new content.  We're are working on Los Angeles and Kansas, so if you know any great and geeky spots, please let us know and we will get them added to the site.


Also, we have been adding some new conventions.  Any conventions you attend or are interested in attending, we want to know about it.  Often time we don't know about some of the smaller conventions until after they are over, so please let us know and we will get them added.


A con that was introduced to me at one of the Friday night events at the St. Louis Science Center is Kawa Kon.  Some of the organizers stopped by the booth and I was super impressed with their enthusiasm and overall knowledge of local cons.  One aspect about Kawa Kon that really stood out to me was the annual theme.  This year the theme is Into Darkness and will celebrate all forms of dark fantasy.  Check it out!

What I'm reading ..... and you should be too!

 I have been reading comics for over thirty years.  My experience has been that I was a DC fan until I was in adolescence and then I become a Marvel-all-the-way kind of guy.  At that time in my life (the gangly, pimply, awkward years), it was much easier to relate to the Marvel Universe and the struggles of their characters.  Marvel characters and their powersets weren't so perfect and often times their powers made life more difficult, not easier.  Now I know I'm stating the obvious for many devoted comic readers out there. I stuck strictly with Marvel for a lot of years until I discovered Blackest Night by Geoff Johns and that storyline brought me back to DC. This led me to explore other books outside of DC and Marvel, but I'll save that for a future newsletter.
Enough with the personal history lesson, back to the focus of this article. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook (and we really hope that you do), you know that I'm a big fan of Gail Simone as the writer on Batgirl.  Personally, I have never read a comic writer that does such a great job of bringing out the human side of comic book heroes.  So if you haven't picked up Batgirl recently - Do it! And that will lead you to her new title The Movement. This title has a gritty, urban feel to it (and I mean that in a good way, not a sand in your shoe as you walk down a city street way).  The characters have a harder existence than the typical DC heroes.  The first two issues have done a great job of building the suspense and framework for the story and I can't wait to see what #3 brings.
Gail is also working on Red Sonja which will be out in July.  I've already added it to my pull list and can't wait for a triple dose of Simone awesomeness!

Upcoming Cons

Superman Celebration - Metropolis, IL  June 6-9, Yep, Today! This convention has an impressive list of guests which include Margot Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum.

Fandomfest - Louisville, KY July 26 - 28. Fandomfest lists itself as a comic and toy expo, but it is really so much more.  It is a pop culture fan's playground.  Fandomfest hosts an impressive lists of celebrity guests from tv, movies, and comics. Additionally, Fandomfest also has over 500 vendors.  So whether you're a horror fan, comic reader, Trekkie or Browncoat, you'll find lots to love at Fandomfest.


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