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The city guide for Los Angeles is now active, but in this case it really is a work in progress.  We have added a lot of comics shops, gaming stores and retailers, but we are still working on attractions.  L.A. has such a great mix of places due to the influence of Hollywood, we are sorting through lots of places and deciding what to add based on its rating on the geekometer. Check back often to find the new L.A. additions.  Kansas City is coming after that and then...... Let us know what city we should work on after Kansas City.



A Tale of Two Cons: big vs. small

One of the best parts of this job are getting to attend conventions and then spread the word about all the awesome parts of the event. Since the site  just launched in April, most of the cons have been conveniently located to Central IL.  But that puts us within a reasonable travel distance to Chicago, St. Louis, Indy and Columbus, Ohio.
In the Spring, I visited C2E2 and Geekway to the West within just a few weeks of each other.  Both were great experiences, but since then I have been evaluating and re-evaluating what makes a great con. C2E2 is a pop-culture explosion of comics, gaming, and celebrities from movies, TV and literature.  They host an extremely diverse selection of panel discussions and an impressive artist alley.  The venue for C2E2 is McCormick Place in Chicago and this year they had over 53,000 guests.
I have been attending C2E2 since it started and it is an extremely classy show in my opinion.  The walkways are wide and carpeted. Several of the big comic book publishers have great booths and guests signings. It is an exciting and exhausting weekend of geek stimulation overload. 

Geekway to the West is a board gaming convention held in St. Louis. This year there were over 700 gamers.  I attended with a group from my Tuesday game night. I was a little apprehensive after spending four days at C2E2, thinking that such a small con would feel a little anti-climactic.  I could not have been more wrong. 

The venue for Geekway is the Sheraton Westport.  They have a couple of large ballrooms, a huge game library and a handful of exhibitors.  But the energy and enthusiasm at this con is just as high as C2E2. It is just focused on board games.  The game library is packed with games to borrow and try. And if you don't have enough players, you can easily recruit one from a nearby table.  It doesn't matter if you know how to play or not.  Everyone is cooperative and willing to learn.  There are tournaments going on most of the time, but the majority of the guests fill the ballrooms and continually explore new and classic board games.On Saturday I played boardgames for about 16 hours and created a whole new obsession in my person geekdom. Watch future newsletters for my newest game addictions.
So mark your calendars next year for both of these awesome cons.  The experiences are very different, but both are well-organized events sponsored by passionate organizers.
-Chief Geek

Upcoming Cons


Fandomfest - Louisville, KY July 26 - 28. Fandomfest lists itself as a comic and toy expo, but it is really so much more.  It is a pop culture fan's playground.  Fandomfest hosts an impressive lists of celebrity guests from tv, movies, and comics. Additionally, Fandomfest also has over 500 vendors.  So whether you're a horror fan, comic reader, Trekkie or Browncoat, you'll find lots to love at Fandomfest.

Contamination Defcon 4 - St. Louis, MO August 2-4. Contamination is a Horror and Pop-Culture convention with an impressive slate of guests and movie showings. 


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