We continue to work on Las Vegas, Boston, and Los Angeles.  If we've missed any great places, please let us know and submit it here.

Also, we have been adding some new conventions.  Any conventions you attend or are interested in attending, we want to know about it.  Often time we don't know about some of the smaller conventions until after they are over, so please let us know and we will get them added.

We will be attending Wizard World Chicago and Gen Con in Indianapolis in the coming weeks, so watch our Facebook page for photos and updates!

Geek TV - Fall Premieres

While reading my daily dose of news from Newsarama and learning that The Flash will be introduced in season two of Arrow, I got to thinking that there are some great TV possibilities in the fall network TV season.  

The Tomorrow People - One of CW's fall premieres, The Tomorrow People features a group of evolved young people with superhuman abilities.  They are being hunted and destroyed by the government. My favorite aspect of this show is that the main baddie is played by Mark Pellegrino. He's been featured on several of my other regular shows and plays an excellent villain. Premieres October 9th on the CW. 

Dracula  - The latest television version of the most famous bloodsucker is played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Set in Victorian London, the previews look epically cool.  Meyers made Henry the VIII pretty interesting, so I'm feeling very good about this take on a classic. Dracula premieres October 25th on NBC. 

Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod Crane is transported 250 years in the future to save the world.  For me, this is exciting just because it is the first modern incarnation of the story that I know of. Also it looks like it is going to tie in some quirky historic mysteries. Sleepy Hollow premieres September 16th on FOX.

Upcoming Cons

Besides Wizard World Chicago and Gen Con, there are several other con opportunities on the horizon.

Grandcon - Grand Rapids, MI September 20-22
This is a new con which features tabletop gaming and comics. Guests include authors and game designers.

Project: Comic Con - St. Louis, MO September 21-22
The largest all-comic con in St. Louis, this con is organized by comic lovers for comic lovers.  They have an impressive list of guests and comic-related events

Nuke-Con - Omaha, NE October 4-6
This is a family-friendly tabletop gaming con that grants attendees the opportunity to try some games and connect with other game enthusiasts.

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