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A Visit to Enchanted Grounds
by Poppa Geek

It is always impressive when I come across a shop that has really found a way to fit into their community.  I was visiting Denver recently and was lucky enough to visit Enchanted Grounds in Highlands Ranch, CO.  This is a suburban community near Littleton that has really exploded in the last decade.  Enchanted Grounds is well marked in a small shopping center but with a clean and understated exterior.  Inside, we were warmly greeted by the staff as we entered.  The shop is really quite brilliant with it’s layout.  The front portion of the store is a coffee shop and café.  They had a wide variety of drink offerings and baked goods.  I enjoyed a coffee while the kids had handmade Italian cream sodas.  Enchanted Grounds has a very large selection of games and gaming supplies.  Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic were all well represented as well as lots of miniatures.  The store also had a huge selection of puzzles, strategy, chess and family games. There is a large area for lounging and a volunteer book exchange rack.  The back half of the store was bustling with tables of gamers.  I was so impressed with the variety of activities!  Truly something for everyone.  There was a group of parents and their children playing Forbidden Desert, a couple of tables of Pathfinder and several tables of groups playing miniatures.  Up front there was even a group of high schoolers playing cooperative/competitive Nintendo DS!  The staff was very involved and accessible.  There was a steady stream of gamers moving back and forth from the tables to the counter for more beverages and snacks.  It was a very smart marketing strategy and obviously working to keep the gamers here for the long haul. Enchanted Grounds has really found success in their suburban community. 

Happy Halloween - the Cosplay Holiday
by ChiefGeek

Roll out the spandex and break out the body paint.  Halloween is the one night of year where everyone celebrates cosplay.  Maybe that isn't historically accurate, but in the world of a geek it tends to be the truth.  My memories of Halloween involve my mother feverishly dying long underwear and stitching a cape for whichever superhero made the costume cut that year.  With the increasing  popularity of cosplay and the relative ease of online shopping the costume possibilities are endless.  Costume contact lenses and styrofoam weapons are available at the click of a mouse.  For the more adventurous, their are a multitude of YouTube videos on how to cosplay.  You can learn how to make foam armour, style a wig and work with makeup with the help of user posted how-to-videos.

Just like on The Big Bang Theory (season 4, episode 11 The Justice League Recombination), comic book shops are a great place to get your Halloween on.  Many shops host a variety of events during Halloween.  Most activities include a costume contest with a variety of prizes.  Some shops having halloween activities, include AlterEgo Comics, Metrohero, and PackRat Comics are just a few of our favorites that are hosting events specifically for Halloween, so be sure to check with your local shop.

Many cons are beginning to focus more on cosplay as a specific genre to celebrate during their planning.  Dragon*Con has always been a huge cosplay convention, but now many other cons realize that cosplay fans are an enthusiastic group that obviously love attending conventions.  Indy PopCon, Kawa Kon, and  Marble City Comic Con are just a few of the younger cons we have discovered that are embracing the cosplay community.  They are increasing exhibitors, special guests, and panel topics focusing on the art of cosplay.  

So whether you are a year round cosplay fanatic or an October costumer – have a safe and happy Halloween.

Upcoming Cons

NC Comicon - Durham, NC November 9-10

BoardGameGeek.Con - DFW Airport, TX November 20-24

Ecto Con - St. Louis, MO November 22-24



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