With Thanksgiving coming and going this week, I decided to make my geek list to celebrate some of the awesome geektastic things I"m thankful for. So here it is, in no particular order.

  • Doctor Who - The increasing popularity of Doctor Who was something that initially was a problem for me.  I wanted the Doctor to be reserved for just the loyal Whovians that were willing to stalk the late night episodes on the BBC American channel. But as we all know in the last few years, the Doctor's notoriety level has gone through the roof and now anyone can refer to themselves as a Whovian.  And I'm finally okay with it.  I loved "The Day of the Doctor" episode and all of the tweets, talk shows and general excitement surrounding the episode
  • Joss Whedon - Though I'm not a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mr. Whedon has done so much in regards to bringing quality geek movies and television programs to the masses that my thankful list must include him.  The success of The Avengers, has paved the way for a continuous stream of comic to movie adaptations.  His ventures into TV have done the same.  I'm very excited about the upcoming Marvel series on Netflix.  I think this is going to be a good fit for those titles and I truly believe that Mr. Whedon's success is what opened the door for the awesome selection of TV series and movies we have to enjoy.
  • Kickstarter - What a great source for connecting with upcoming projects that personally interest you and gives you the opportunity to become involved.  If you haven't shopped on Kickstarter, do it!  You are sure to find some project that speaks to the geek in you, whether it be a comic, movie, game or photography project.  One of my recent backings is Indy Popcon's campaign for their upcoming convention. This is a great convention opportunity for the Midwest and the organizers are truly interested in listening to those that are planning to attend.  Their campaign lasts until  December 17th so if you are considering attending, why not check this out and back it.  They have some great rewards, including entry passes for the convention.
  • Team Comic Books, New and Old - I love a team book.  My pull list has all of the Justice League titles, X-men titles, and the Uncanny Avengers.  However, my current favorite is Valiant's Unity. This is the most unique team book I've ever picked up because Valiant's characters are so wickedly twisted.  I'm not sure which side is the good guys and who's the bad guy and that's what makes it so awesome.

So there it is. Be sure to tell me what I should have mentioned in the comments.

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