The variety of comic and entertainment conventions continues to amaze me.  As users have reached out to let us know about upcoming cons, the opportunities are exciting to explore. New conventions are popping up all the time (some large, some small) to get a piece of the awesome pop-culture community that is celebrating being a geek and nerd like never before.  Below are some of the exciting conventions that are coming up.

Capricon - February 6 - 9 in Wheeling, Illinois
This long-running con is a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention with an awesome list of activities and impressive guests. The headliner guest is Sherrilyn Kenyon, the New York Times best-selling author of the Dark-Hunter series, The League, Chronicles of Nick and Beladors.

Kawa Kon - February 7 - 9 in St. Louis, Missouri
This Midwest con has a central theme each year, and this year is Into Darkness.  Kawa Kon will celebrate all things dark and beautiful.  They have panels focusing on anime, science fiction, fantasy, toys, Japanese culture, cosplay and general geekiness. 

Wizard World - New Orleans , February 7 - 9
WW hosts a series of conventions around the United States and are a great opportunities to meet your favorite celebrities face to face.  WW - New Orleans is playing host to Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame, Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, Wil Wheaton of all things awesomely geeky, and Marv Wolfman and Chris Claremont, comic book geniuses.  Wizard World also has a great selection of vendors and artists.

Anime Milwaukee - February 14 - 16 in Milwaukee, WI
Here's an opportunity to get your Manga and anime fix in the Midwest.  Anime Milwaukee will have a variety of panels, musical guests, gaming and vendors. They also have activities for children.

Visioncon - February 21 - 23 in Springfield, Missouri
This Central Missouri convention has activities in science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, and costumes.  This con also does a terrific job of fundraising for local charities through auctions and raffles.

Who's Yer Con Gaming Convention - February 21 - 23 in Indianapolis, IN
First of all the name is awesome, so the con has to be awesome too. And it is.  This convention is completely run by volunteers and is a great opportunity to sit down and play boardgames.  The organizers' goal is to bring hobby gaming to Indiana and they do this by creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for the novice and experienced gamer.

Lunacon - March 14 - 16 in Rye Brown, New York
Lunacon is New York's longest running science fiction and fantasy convention.  Lunacon features author readings, writing workshops, crafting workshops, an art show and auction, a costume contest, a dealers' room with genre-related merchandise, a tabletop gaming room, video presentations, movie trailers, fan meetups,  and fighting demos.

Mark your calendars and polish up your belt buckle Wolowitz. Awesomeness awaits.

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