The last episode of Arrow firmly entrenched Roy Harper as a member of the team, joining Felicity and Diggle. I am excited as this brings in Arrow's sidekick that might actually be joining him on adventures.  Now don't expect Colton Haynes to slip into a red leather tunic and jaunty yellow hat, as obviously he is not going to be the traditional Speedy.  His exposure to the mysterious serum has added a superhuman component to his character that does not follow the traditional Roy Harper origin story.  With his added anger issues, Arsenal might be a closer match to those familiar with the comic book character. 

Image by CW Television

I suspect that Haynes's Roy Harper will give the viewers just enough of the comic book persona to make us feel nostalgic while exploring new boundaries with his personality and abilities.  I had concerns that Colton Haynes would not be able to hold his own against the physicality of Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen but those concerns where completely crushed.  Haynes has embraced the anger of the character and sells the character as a vigilante powerhouse. The superhuman ceiling has been pierced.  Roy Harper's progression has led to the question: what other characters from the DCU could make an appearance as either friend or foe?


Image Copyright DC Comics

Having already made an appearance on The CW during Smallville's run, the character fits nicely in the depowered world of Arrow's Starling City.  Her appearance was certainly upgraded on Smallville from her early appearance in the pages of Firestorm.  An explosive expert could easily be a criminal mastermind herself or appear as a minion of Deathstroke. 

Madame Xanadu

Image Copyright DC Comics

Roy Harper's super-strength has opened the door for other character's with meta-abilities and Madame Xanadu could easily be incorporated into a storyline.  Honestly, jumping on her right now and incorporating her into the Arrow cast would leave lots of opportunities to bring the magic to The CW!  With NBC's Constantine coming in the near future, Madame Xanadu can keep Oliver and the team steeped in bad mojo.  Her abilities have varied within the DC Universe especially within the New 52.  That fact would allow her to roll into Oliver Queen's life as a harbinger of things to come or as a resource for Team Arrow as they confront an opponent with mystical enhancements.  She could easily be a simple clairvoyant or have hints of more supernatural powers.  Madame Xanadu and her ancient tomes would play magnificently against Felicity's technology.


Image Copyright DC Comics

The age of technology allows for a character such as Sandman to easily slip into Starling City as either friend or foe.  Honestly, the Justice Society is ripe with a cast of characters that could easily fit into the Arrow universe.  His initial lack of super powers makes Sandman an excellent candidate. Who has been invading Laurel Lance's drug-laden dreams?  Maybe he is the therapist that Roy Harper seeks out to help with his anger issues and incorporates some dream analysis.  His use of mind-altering and sleep inducing drugs would have to be set apart from what we saw with Vertigo.  Is he there for self-gain or to help Oliver?  


Image Copyright DC Comics

Did anyone else catch the reference to Markovia in that last episode?  It makes a viewer curious if the appearance of Terra is already in the works.  All it would take is a malfunction with a prototype earthquake maker and Boom! Instant geo-kinectic supervillian! In her original appearance in The New Teen Titans she was already the unwitting pawn of Slade Wilson, surely that could easily happen again. 

Red Hood

Image Copyright DC Comics

The Batman family has a myriad of characters that would fit in the depowered world of Arrow.  Who wouldn't love to see Barbara Gordon's Oracle make an appearance on the upcoming Birds of Prey episode? But Felicity Smoak already has all of their intel and technology needs covered.  However, with the growing role of The League of Assassins, Red Hood could easily make an appearance.  Jason Todd's somewhat unorthodox approach to justice runs pretty parallel to Oliver's during the first season of Arrow.  Could he be the final Assassin sent to bring back Black Canary? Or possibly the one who targets Slade Wilson?  I would like to see Red Hood's pistols up against Oliver's arrows and see who comes out on top.


Image Copyright DC Comics

Thea Queen is struggling to deal with Roy's new rage and aggression.  Roy now constantly worries that he will lose control and hurt her. Cheshire would bring the perfect mix to an interesting new love triangle.  Her element of danger and love for adventure would certain entice Roy's inner demon.  Although in the Young Justice cartoon series, she was also the sister of Arrow's protege, Artemis, this level of complexity would not be necessary during the current season but could certainly hold some storyline options in the coming seasons.  Also, Cheshire's role as a rogue assassin would play nicely against the growing conflict with The League of Assassins. 

Captain Boomerang

Image Copyright of DC Comics

I am ending with a prediction that this marksman from down under is going to visit Starling City.  With the introduction of Amanda Waller and her mention of the "squad" to Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang could easily join and may already be in the works.  Arrows vs. Boomerangs, anyone?

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