The world of conventions has exploded over the last several years with expansions into every realm of geek interest and passion.  When some people think of conventions, they immediately think of Comic Con International in San Diego.  Often, the news and media attention this event garners is all the general population sees and assumes that it represents all there is in the geek-o-sphere of conventions.  Obviously, this one event has done a tremendous service in raising the profile of conventions in general but it really does a disservice to the breadth of entertainment opportunities that exist in 2014.  Today, “Going to the Con” can hold a variety of experiences and some of the specialty conventions will be highlighted here.

Zombies have really come a long way in the last several years (which is pretty amazing considering the speed at which they generally stumble along).  The presence of zombie-inspired pop culture has been growing at all of the conventions.  Most of the larger conventions such as C2E2, San Diego Comic Con, and the Wizard World events, all have some showing of stars from this genre.  The popularity of AMC’s The Walking Dead, has provided a rich cast of characters that often headline these events.  Now however, these stars no longer have to share the spotlight with stars from other pop culture genres.  Walker Stalker Con Chicago & Atlanta bring a strong collection of some of the biggest talent from The Walking Dead. Other top talent in the horror genre including Classic films (Halloween and Friday the 13th etc.) and other popular sci-fi and adventure entertainment are also represented.   Not to overlook the walkers from beyond the wall, they have also recruited cast members from the extremely popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. This convention gives fans an opportunity to meet the stars and listen to them in some fantastic breakout sessions with Q & A. (Not to be overlooked, but the Chicago convention has a tremendous showing of the stars of the CW's hit  Arrow as well.)  The vendor and exhibit hall provide a variety of companies that will help any attendee channel their inner zombie or buy their supplies for the coming apocalypse.  And when the con closes down at night, there are several entertainment and night time activities with music, costume contests and camaraderie. 

The Horror and Monster fans can also get their fix at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH.  This established convention continues to grow and bring in bigger names from an ever expanding horror and pop culture community.  The Evil Dead, The Walking Dead, Halloween, and other horror powerhouses are represented.  Horror Hound Weekend's vendor area is extensive and has some of the leaders in make-up, film and merchandise. This weekend also hosts an outstanding film festival with both feature length and short films highlighting the genius within the horror genre.

Crypticon Kansas City is bringing the monsters to town again this year with a fantastic offering of stars from both film and television.  The convention offers an intimate, community feel to really get to know the headliners.  This year has a special highlight of The Monster Squad mini reunion! The weekend also offers a wide variety of entertainment and film festival options that any fan would enjoy.

Horror and zombie fans can always find something to enjoy at most of the large comic and pop culture conventions, but why not take a weekend and explore your passion with a bunch of geeks that love it just as much as you do?  Finding a con that caters to your special interests only gets easier as more promoters tap into the tremendous resources that pop culture provides. Further posts will focus on other areas of interest in this ever-growing world of conventions!

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