The concept of the reboot has become a buzzword in the world of comics and pop culture over the last several years.  In both the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe readers experience character reboots as a regular occurrence and even reboots of the entire universe are not out of the question.  With DC's recent reboot of Wally West, the internet has once again been abuzz with the love/hate relationship comic lovers have with the reboot.
As a comic fan, I continuously struggle with reboots because often times the new character doesn't live up to the long-term relationship I had established with their previous incarnation.  I still miss the Huntress of old and even though it has been mentioned hundreds of times, please bring back Donna Troy! But as much as I complain about reboots, I bought more comics when DC launched The New 52 than I had in years and the storytelling for some of my long-time favorites have been phenomenal (I mean both Aquaman and Batgirl are especially awesome, am I right?)

And I thank the reboot gods for Arrow.  I believe that without the conditioning of comic lovers to accept the idea of a reboot, Arrow would never have been so successful. There were some aspects of the story that really stretched my acceptance. I mean Canary didn't have a cry and she was played by a Lance woman named Sara. And Ollie and Sara were all mixed up in the Leauge of Assassins and Ra's al Ghul's goonies. But ultimately, it was good storytelling and it worked on the small screen.  

With the success of Arrow, the door has been flung wide open for the world of comics to work their way to our livining rooms on a weekly basis.  It will be interesting to see how well costumes, superpowers and magic will be depicted on the small screen as The Flash and Constantine make their way to Prime Time in the fall.  But this geek hopes that they will follow the way of The Arrow and be willing to reboot and adapt where needed. Realizing that even though all of us geeks love a great costume, it is really about developing the characters we love.

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