One of the highlights of our booth at Indy PopCon last month was being neighbors to One Less Nemesis. They have a great selection of t-shirts for a variety of interests throughout geekdom.  Besides their shirts, they also have a new product that they will be featuring at their booth at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend. They will be at booth 900 with their Con*Quest Adventure Journals.  For convention goers, this is a great product to keep all of your con experiences in one place and allows you to share your experience.  Rather than having to scroll through all of the pictures on your phone to show a friend that celebrity you met, now  you can have an organized place to store your con stuff.

Shelley Harper, one of the creators of the Con*Quest Adventure Journal, explained that the journal idea came out her own con experiences.  She has been an active con attendee for years and had been vending One Less Nemesis products at cons for about 4 years. While walking the floor at Wizard World Portland in January, Shelley recognized the need for a journal specifically for comic/pop/fan convention attendees.  So they found a US manufacturer for the journal and worked with an artist to create the logo and mascot and the Con*Quest Journal was born.


The journal is set up to help you organize and collect a variety of memories from your favorite fan experiences.  There are pages to record meetings with your favorite artist and author.

There are also pages to remember your awesome panel experiences.


The 32 pages for journaling are made of heavy duty paper to hold up so you can proudly show off your experience over and over again.  The pages are broken into sections including; cosplay, panels, artists, autographs, vendors and cities. The Con*Quest Journal also includes 4 page protectors to show off your photo opportunities and art work. There is also a business card holder so you can keep track of all of the awesome local artists you discover in artist alley.  The One Less Nemesis team has thought of everything, including a zipper pouch and sharpie in the initial package. The interior ring binder makes sure that new pages are easily added.

One Less Nemesis maintains a regular convention schedule, but you can always check out their products in their Etsy store.

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The One Less Nemesis team has thought of everything, including a zipper pouch and sharpie in the initial package. The interior ring binder makes sure that new pages are easily added.

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