After another successful run in Washington D.C. this year, Awesome Con is bringing its con experience to the Midwest by expanding into Indianapolis and Milwaukee. They will invade Indianapolis October 3-5th and have already started their guest announcements.  Firefly fans and True Blood fans unite! Alan Tudyk and Kristin Bauer are the first two guest announced. Awesome Con Milwaukee will be held at The Wisconsin Center, November 21st - 23rd. 

Awesome Con started to explore their westward expansion for a few different reasons.  Awesome Con wanted to share their unique con experience with a larger audience and to stay competitive with other convention companies. Ben Penrod, persident of Awesome Con, explains. "Our cons are intentionally unfocused. We have a few cool ideas, but at the end of the day, we are a sandbox and everyone's experience at Awesome Con is going to be up to them."  An attendees experience can be influenced by submitting programming to Awesome Con, choosing to participate in programming  or cosplay, and interacting with guests, vendors, artists and other attendees. "No two people should have the same experience at Awesome Con."

For the past six years, besides running their own con, Awesome Con staff has been traveling the country visiting other conventions so that they maintain their "fingers on the pulse of what fans want at their conventions."  Once they started looking to expand, Ben explains that they "immediately had a good rapport with the folks in Indy and Milwaukee and were trying to figure out which to do."  They wanted to add a new convention in the fall since they had thirteen months between Awesome Con dates. "They both seemed like such good opportunities, in cities that have been completely overlooked by any large conventions like [Awesome Con], so we decided to do both!"  And ultimately, Awesome Con organizers are a group of fans!  They want to compile all the cool stuff they experience and bring it to an excited group of local fans.

Registration for Awesome Cons Indianapolis, Milwaukee and DC are open, exhibitor and artist alley spaces are available, and panel submissions and volunteer applications are being accepted.  Check it all out on their website! And be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with their guest announcements.

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I have gone to numerous con like Japanese anime con and films con I truly appreciated individuals cos playing precisely like the character. It's incredible to hear that amazing con is extending as they are proficient who have been in numerous nations before the Midwest will be cheerful to go to their con appear And make certain to like them on Facebook to stay aware of their visitor declarations.

I have attended many con like Japanese anime con and movies con I really enjoyed people cosplaying exactly like the character. It’s great to hear that awesome con is expanding as they are professional who have been in many countries before the Midwest will be happy to attend their con show.

And be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with their guest announcements.

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