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Rabbit Hole - A New Game Experience in Chicago

Imagine a cocktail party held on the eve of the end of the civilization as we know it. That is the setting for Lights Out, a new pervasive game from the Chicago- based company Rabbit Hole. As a player, you are a guest at an exclusive gathering held just days before a solar flare will potentially destroy life on earth. The creators of the game, Michelle and Eleanor, sat down with Geek City Guides to talk about this exciting new ... Read More »

The Universal Experience | Step into Marvel

A trip to Marvel's Island of Adventure Read More »

Spielbound | A Game Cafe to Build Community

A new type of Game Cafe to build a community and expose players to new games and experiences. Read More »

Wilmywood - The Hollywood of the South?

Wilmington, NC is a geek's delight with an abundant offering of comics, movies, games and attractions! Read More »