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My Geeked Out Christmas Shopping List

Just in the nick of time, my Holiday shopping is done and my list was filled with geektastic products! Read More »

The Universal Experience | Step into Marvel

A trip to Marvel's Island of Adventure Read More »

Treat Yourself - Wytches #1

Wytches #1 came out this month and it is a terrifying trip with storyteller Scott Snyder, art by Jock and color by Matt Hollingsworth. Read More »

Please-No More Comic Book TV Shows

Just as everyone jumped on the bandwagon with reality TV, now every network is scrambling to join in the success of Comic Book Adaptations. Please stop, slow down and evaluate so we can continue the trend rather than overload and burn out. Read More »

10 Comics That had an Effect on Me (And the Geek I am Today)

The list of personal comics that had an effect on me as a geek and comic reader. This is in response to the lists on Facebook asking for the 10 books that had an effect on you. Read More »