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Constantine Hits Its Stride

The Constantine series has found itself to in its fourth episode. After the pilot, it seemed like the series was struggling to find its feet. But by episode 4, the series has found its rhythm. Read More »

Please-No More Comic Book TV Shows

Just as everyone jumped on the bandwagon with reality TV, now every network is scrambling to join in the success of Comic Book Adaptations. Please stop, slow down and evaluate so we can continue the trend rather than overload and burn out. Read More »

Sleepy Hollow Begins to Fill the Space that Buffy left Empty back in 2003

Though not perfect, Sleepy Hollow has some of the same appeal that Buffy the Vampire Slayer possessed. Read More »

A Geek's Premiere Calendar

Summer and Fall premiere dates for shows for a geek to love. Read More »

The Walker Stalker Con Outbreak

Walker Stalker Con continues to expand from its original location of Atlanta and is considering adding more locations to their convention offerings Read More »