Seattle is a city of depth, culture and a very indie vibe.  Come explore the Pacific Northwest and enjoy fresh seafood, coffee, and a heavy dose of geek. Seattle has an extensive offering of sites and activities, regardless of your area of interest.  There is a deep sense of adventure both for outdoor activities as well as comics, gaming, shopping and culinary indulgence.  From the city, you can easily take a ferry to the surrounding island communities, or explore the various neighborhoods and green space and take a trip to the top of The Space Needle.  Pike's Place Market is very popular with the muggle tourists, but a fun way to spend part of a day and the Original Starbucks is just down the street.  In DC Comics', new 52, it is also home to Oliver Queen, Green Arrow!

Seattle also host Pax Prime, a phenomenal gaming expo/convention and also Emerald City Comic Convention.  Both draw big headliners in the gaming, comic and entertainment community. 

So come wander this Pacific Northwest Metropolis: Have some coffee, find your groove, and seek your geek!


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